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Book Trailers & Teasers

New Book Release = New Trailer

A Fool's Babel: PROVIDENCE

The new promo video looks awesome! Instead of just forecasting my latest book, it points to this awesome website. Marketers have pointed out that I am not a one hit wonder and that I have more to offer than just the 5 novels. They especially suggest pushing my graphic novels and Chaplain's Journal. Of course this means I have a ton of work to do and the third book in the Babel series is due to hit shelves in May. Yup, I need to sell lots of books so that I can hire an assistant.

The Chronicles of the Protector

(The Trilogy)

The Guardian and the King

The Guardian and the Quest

The Guardian and the War

A Fool's Babel

(The Series)

The Fenris Solution


Malak Rasha

The Way of Vengeance

(The Series)

Walking on the Dark Side

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