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Product Reviews

UnBoxing the SAMSUNG HMX F90 

In this first video in the series I use my Samsung Note 2 to record and reveal the Samsung HMX F90 HD video recorder as I unbox it and set it up for the first time. Also, I refuse to use directions on these unboxing videos because I want to reveal how 'user-friendly' the item is or is not. Is the purchased item well-packaged? Is it easy to set up and use? And most importantly is the item truly 'plug and play' or do you have to download software or purchase more items to get the new item to work? These questions and many more will be answered in my Unboxing Series. If there is a particular item you want to see me unbox, leave a comment below and I will see what I can do. Thank you for watching!

Blue Snowball Microphone

This is an unboxing and unveiling of the USB Snowball microphone from Blue. I also show how to set it up on an iMac.

PS4 - The Playstation 4

This opens the sexy and beautiful PS4 box. All of its contents are removed and analyzed for your benefit. Come see what you are getting before you purchase it.

Logitech K800 Illuminated Wireless Keyboard  

An unboxing and unveiling of Logitech's K800 Illuminated and wireless keyboard. After unboxing I briefly show how I connected it to my iMac even though it is only supposed to work with Windows.

Kingston Wireless Trackball

This is an unboxing of the wireless trackball made by Kensington. A brief review is given as well as a brief description. I even show you how to set it up. However, this was a FAIL because I did not like it and ended up sending it back. Come find out why I returned it.

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