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General Biography

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T. A. Richards, specifically Terry Allen Richards II, was born in Hartford, CT, and graduated from Rockville High School in Vernon, CT. Terry, who recently retired from the US Army, is a disabled veteran and proud to be an American. He meets his physical challenges head-on, using the sport of disabled bodybuilding to stay out of a wheelchair. In 2003, Terry graduated from Southern California Seminary and used this education as a private educator and a US Army Chaplain. His writing career began in high school with many short stories and has since grown to include graphic novels, reflective and inspirational articles, and almost a dozen books. Ultimately, he aims to start his own production company where the world will see his many creative visions come to life on the 'big screen.'


Army Life

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After high school, T.A. enlisted in the United States Army. He served with various units as an infantry grunt turned medic. The next ten years in the Reserves flew by as he volunteered to go on active duty as often as possible. This time included missions that would become the influential background of his books, including the fictitious series, "A Fools' Babel." During drilling and non-drilling weekends, he also volunteered to train other medics and soldiers in basic combat lifesaving skills. To say that T.A. loved the military is an understatement. In fact, he loved it just as much as he loved working with young people as an educator. So, in 2000, he realized it was time to combine the two and become an Army Chaplain. At Southern California Seminary, he became an Army Chaplain Candidate and excelled in his studies. Three years later, he graduated with distinction, two master's degrees, and a GPA of 3.99. Immediately, T.A. joined the Army's Chaplain Corps. He claims it was some of the best ministry he ever experienced. A glimpse of his journey as an Army Chaplain is documented in the graphic novel The Chaplain's Journal.

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Disabled Bodybuilder

My love for the Army didn't prevent me from getting injured and hurt. Fourteen surgeries later, I remain out of a wheelchair, but my repaired body is wracked with pain. Thus, I use the sport of Disabled Bodybuilding to keep me mobile and focus on what I can do and not on what I cannot do. It is the therapy I need, and I want to share what I have learned with others. A book is underway for those of us with physical challenges and limitations and still push forward. It will be a training guide and a motivational push to get after it. In the meantime, click on the link, Disabled Bodybuilding, to find inspirational quotes and pictures.  

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