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The Chronicles of the Protector

The Guardian and the King

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Divisiveness is one of the Dark One's best tools. He uses it with precision and determination. Racism boils over in this cauldron, and war breaks out. The Elves and the Dwarves spend years hating and killing each other, while Troblins destroy everyone in their path. As a result the Humans retreat into their own problematic kingdom. Enter the Van Wulf family. For centuries this dynasty has led the kingdom of the Humans in peace and service to the Creator. For reasons unknown to the Human race, their King was murdered by a demon of Gehenna. This left his two sons not only without a father but with the responsibility of running a kingdom. Now the real plans of the Dark One start to unfold. Brother is pitted against brother, and a rift shatters a family. 

Treachery abounds, and the minions of Merodach, the Dark One, move in to complete the final steps of his devilish plan. So what happens when a world that was once created by a loving benefactor is under attack by the Lord of Darkness? The answer lies within the creation itself. Sides must be chosen and the lines of battle are drawn. The characters on either side of the battle are the key elements. Some are losers, always trying to attach onto what other people have achieved. Some have no backbone, and some are courageous even unto death. Some live to serve others, and others kill just to serve themselves. In the end people change; die before they can, or die trying. In times past the benevolent Creator heard the cries of the faithful and sent a powerful protector to deliver them from the advancing Darkness. But time seems to be running out and a war between the races threatens to destroy the very fabric of all existence. Thus, it is up to a dethroned king and his motley crew of unlikely heroes to unite the kingdoms and stand against the demonic horde of the Dark One. To accomplish this they must enlist the aid of the Anointed One but first they must find him.

The Guardian and the Quest

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Centuries after the War of the Races the Guardian is ready to permanently leave the Qumran Monastery. Before he can retire he must find a replacement and this is no easy task. Who is worthy to wear the mantle of Protector? Legends and myths speak of one who might be qualified, a former member of the Corsair. Although a little rough around the edges this hero has spent generations defending the weak, protecting the innocent and punishing the wicked. There is only one problem with this plan. He disappeared decades ago. Thus the Guardian sends out a motley band of misfits to search for the missing Corsair. Their journey is waylaid and they soon find themselves in a mysterious land in the midst of a war that has ravaged its countryside for 

generations. It becomes obvious to the group that a darker plan is unfolding when they discover the intentional misuse of Magic and the poisonous bite of the wolf-man called the Vomica. Their mission becomes even more dangerous and confusing when their leader is kidnapped by a traitor who only wants to profit from a war that will engulf the whole world.

The Guardian and the War

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The Second War of the Races has begun and the Gnomon have invaded the Kingdom of Bozrah. Their overwhelming forces threaten to destroy the very fabric of life on their sacred planet. The motley band of unwanted heroes has been smashed and separated and no one has seen or heard from the Protector since their voyage began. So what do they do? Who will stand against the army of the Gnomon and the vileness of the Vomica? No one can; there are too many too count and fighting such a large army would be suicide. This is what the people of Bugloss learned the hard way. Is it the end of all things? Will this war destroy all life and leave the Gnomon to cannibalize the races? Where is the Protector? If Eleazar is supposed to replace Patronus, where is he and 

why can’t the group find him? Is he the key to defeating this evil which threatens to destroy the world? These questions and many more find their conclusion in this third installment of the Chronicles of the Protector. Come join our heroes as they sacrifice everything to end this war against an evil, which is as ancient as time itself.

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A Fool's Babel

The Trilogy

Book One:

The Fenris Solution

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Have you ever heard the expression, ‘If I told you, I would have to kill you?’ Most of the time it is said as a joke and used to spread merriment and good cheer. No one takes it seriously and usually people just laugh it off. In my case however, there would be no laughing but there certainly would be killing. But it wouldn’t be me that did the killing; it would be the government. We all know that the government has secrets and we all know that they would do whatever was necessary to keep those secrets. They would kill you in your sleep or while you were driving your car and make it look like an accident. They would even invade a sovereign nation and execute an ‘evil’ dictator. History and even current events can testify to the lengths our government would go to keep and protect their secrets. What if some of the secrets involved an ancient virus that our government wanted to use as a bioweapon? 

You know as well as I do that nothing would stop them from keeping that information out of the news stream. What if I told you that the government took it even further and tried to ‘enhance’ the virus? It’s completely believable, isn’t it? But what would happen if the virus mutated and completely changed the host into a ferocious killing machine? This sounds like something our government could use against its war of terror, doesn’t it? Without giving you a lot of details I can tell you that this type research is not new to our government. For decades they’ve been conducting research in hidden facilities all over the world. I’ve been on more than one mission to ‘clean up’ the mess made when the research gets out of hand. This story however, is beyond the scope of anything I had ever encountered before. The destruction I saw was almost unbelievable and the creatures I fought seemed more supernatural than natural.

Book Two:


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The adventure continues and we find the recently retired Special Forces soldier, Phillip Raynes at the university teaching classes and conducting archeological excavations. He is adored by his students and admired by his colleagues. His discoveries have made him famous and have unfortunately placed him in the spotlight. The government and a secret and very dangerous organization watch him carefully as he uncovers the exact location of the ancient Tower of Babel. Its discovery could unlock the mystery of inter-dimensional travel and provide a way to realistically bend space and time. Now the hunt begins and Phillip and his friends find themselves in the middle of the quest for this powerful device. Who will be the first to find it and more importantly what will they use it for? In the midst of this hunt Phillip continues to suffer from 

the beast-like symptoms caused by the WB1N5 virus. Will he become part of the Fenris pack that hunts him and his team? Or will he become something else entirely?

Book Three:

Malak Rasha

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The adventure concludes and Phillip Raynes learns the identity of the organization behind the hired mercenaries and the powerful Dark Troopers. More importantly he learns that the earth is in grave danger from an evil older and more powerful than the Tower of Babel. Will Phillip be able to stop this dark organization from fulfilling its plans of world domination? Or will he be too busy battling the demon within him to thwart anyone or anything else?

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