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The Fenris Solution

Book Review

Reviewed by

Anne-Marie Reynolds

Readers' Favorite

A Fool's Babel: Book 1 - The Fenris Solution by TA Richards is a gripping novel that may just be more fact than fiction than we would like to believe. The government is keeping secrets, but then that is nothing new. We know that the government will take whatever steps are necessary to keep these secrets as well. They think nothing of killing you off, no matter where you were or what you were doing, if they thought that you were going to spill those secrets. Especially if one of those secrets was about an ancient virus, one that the government thought they could turn into a bio weapon. Even more so, if you know that the government had tried to enhance the virus to make it more deadly. What would they do to you if you knew that the virus had gone bad and the experiment badly wrong? The government must go on a cleansing spree and they have you in their sights.

A Fool's Babel: Book 1 – The Fenris Solution was an amazing read with plenty of action in it. It was captivating, to put it bluntly, and quite scary too. Even more so when you think that this kind of thing is more than likely happening, or going to happen, somewhere in the world. This is a gripping tale of science fiction, terror and government conspiracies and I thought it was one of the best written books I have read for a while. Mr. Richards has a clear talent for putting words on paper in a way that makes you both want to carry on reading until it's finished and to push the book away in horror. The characters were highly believable and the story is, sadly, a very believable one too. Nobody wants to imagine that this kind of thing could be happening, but we may have to face facts and get our heads out of the sand. Amazing book, really looking forward to the next book.

The Guardian and the King

Book Review

Reviewed by

Sierra Edelen

Readers' Favorite

Rex, the king of Madai, has gone into Gehenna to get revenge for his father's death, which must be upheld according to the Code of Honor. There he is to fight a demon, though when he returns to his homeland he finds almost nothing is as he left it. Now he must go on a journey to reclaim his kingdom and set things right in his world. He must help right the wrongs created by rulers before him, all while following the will of Yahweh, the mighty creator, as he goes on such a magnificent journey. Along the way, he build his character, forges bonds that will last lifetimes and, of course, falls in love. Will he be able to be the person everyone expects him to be and right the wrongs inflicted? Find out in The Guardian and the King by Terry Richards!

I thought this was a really great book. It was a bit harder to get into, but completely worth it. Once the book starts it is a captivating story with quality writing and a very good plot. It has creative twists at every turn with the perfect amount of action, adventure, love and camaraderie. I loved how it goes into the different friendships and bonds that Rex builds with the people he meets, and how they become his comrades. I absolutely loved how this story comes together. It is amazing, absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend this read.

Satisfied Readers

"As an avid reader I greatly enjoy a read with a complicated plot, twist, back story and relate-able characters. T.A. Richards delivers all, anyone reading his books will not be disappointed. The story/action sequences are well balanced and pull the reader through each page. I highly recommend his books."

- M. Bryant, Royal Palm Beach, FL

"T.A. Richards has done it again! I couldn't put the book down! Very much an awesome sci-fi tale, and who doesn't love a little government conspiracy?? I'd recommend this book to anyone!"

- Desiree Handrick, Springfield, MO

"Typically, I give a new book three pages. I started reading this book, and I could not stop. This is a fantastic read. I highly recommend this book."

- Gator Wes, Orlando, FL

"Definitely a page turner. Had me hooked from the beginning. All the conspiracy theories and ideas make you actually believe what's going on could be real. Most definitely a must read!!!"

- Shyla Hudson, Kansas City, MO

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