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Chronicles of the Death Stalkers

Heroes aren't born but crafted and shaped by the US Army. Major Hammer is the ultimate proof of this statement. He is the fiercest warrior the modern world has ever seen and will face any mission with his 'do or die' attitude. Quitting is not a word allowed in his vocabulary, which is the testimony of his entire military career.


Major Hammer was abruptly selected as a highly decorated war hero for the ultimate mission: to seek and destroy all Cursed Immortals. Shortly, a virus and its vaccine ravage the world's population, turning many of them into bloodthirsty and nearly superhuman creatures. An all-out war for the survival of the human race breaks out and spills over into the coming decades.


The pivotal point of the war eventually comes when a young scientist invents a time disruption device, and both sides immediately race to possess it, believing time travel will end the Immortal Wars. The humans will use time travel to hunt and destroy their blood-letting enemies, while the Cursed Immortals will travel back in time to consume uncontaminated blood.

Character Profiles

Major Mark Hammer

Hamnmer Profile

CPT Pat Spencer

Jocko Profile

1LT A. Nicholas

Blade Profile

This series of graphic novels is primarily centered on the life of Major Hammer before he became the mighty hero of the Immortal Wars and the leader of the Death Stalkers. Who was this war hero, and why was he selected to lead the Death Stalkers throughout time? What made him so ruthless and allowed him to destroy his enemy without question? There are many legends about Major Hammer and his Death Stalkers. Some are true, and some are simply embellishments of the facts. Join us as we explore his story, sorting out facts from fiction.

Volume One
Kill Hammer

Major Hammer Vol 1 Cover

TSG Steven Lance

Ace Profile

Volume Two
Dead Hammer

Major Hammer Vol 2 Cover

SSG Nathan Hawk

Ace Profile

Volume Three
Rescue Hammer P. 1

Major Hammer Vol 3 Cover

SGT P. Murray

Rockbound Profile

Volume Four
Rescue Hammer P. 2

Major Hammer Vol 4 Cover Page

CPT Dobson, MD

Doc Blood Profile
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