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Chaplain Adventures Volume One

"Wanna Go Back"

David Dunn

This video is a type of pictorial journal that reveals my life and ministry as a Army Chaplain. You will see air assault missions, recon missions and even desert baptisms. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the original moments. I miss and pray for these soldiers on a daily basis. Thanks for watching!

No Earthly Father?

"Good Good Father"


This song is dedicated to all those men and women, boys and girls who are without an earthly father. It reassures us that we are not fatherless and that God will never walk out on us. It also empowers us to be a good father to our children and break the cycle of abuse and abandonment.

Gram Is Waiting

"Where I Belong"

Building 429

This video is dedicated to my grandmother and all those we have lost along the way. They are still with us and wait for us on the other side. This video belongs to me but the video belongs to Building 429 and reminds us that we will one day be reunited with our loved ones. Thank you for watching!

Orlando Photo Shoot

"What Is It?"

Baby Bash Ft Sean Kingston

This is behind the scenes look at the fun filled day of shooting pictures. It was near the downtown Orlando park. Yes, it was a cold day in Florida but we still had a blast.

Minnesota Pumpkin Patch

"We Are Young"


Enjoying the day at the pumpkin patch...several pictures is the fun video.....Enjoy!!

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