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My Bodybuilding Lifestyle philosophy encompasses all areas of a healthy lifestyle. It spreads its influence throughout an individual's existence and includes all aspects of fitness but is not limited to just the physical side of life. The bodybuilder's spiritual, psychological, and intellectual areas are also included. Iron Therapy, as I call it, helps me deal with stress, anger, depression, and anxiety. The apostle Paul explains that a believer possesses a choice: to walk in the Spirit or walk in the flesh. Disciplining my flesh through physical training makes it easier to surrender to the Spirit. 

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The hardest part about not being 100% is accepting limitations and pushing myself too hard. Now, this may sound odd for a disabled bodybuilder, right? Isn't the goal for every workout to put the body to its limits and beyond? Absolutely! I go until I think I can't go anymore, then I go a little more. This type of training allows for improvement and, ultimately, muscle growth and enhancement.
Instead, I am talking about life and activities outside the gym. Sometimes, I carry that hardcore attitude too far when I get hurt out of the gym. I must remember that the gym stuff is controlled and calculated, and I step into a situation I cannot easily control. For example, the Hammer Strength Bench allows me to progressively press more weight than I can carry outside the gym. I can press many plates on that machine, but I can still have a box of books up the steps and into the house. I know this because I tried and I fell. Feeling big and strong after a workout, I saw a box, picked it up, and carried it inside. Before I had it in my arms, my body screamed out in pain, but being stubborn, I didn't stop. Instead, I took two steps and forgot I didn't use half the nerves in my left leg, and I felt. It was a painful reminder that the gym is a safe place to push my body to its limits and beyond and that the real world is where I am better off working within my limitations. It is less painful that way, and falling up a set of steps is the kind of pain I want to avoid.

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Zechariah 4:6 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. I am not supposed to be able to walk right now. I am supposed to be in a wheelchair. God gave me as much healing as I needed to overcome, and it has been a struggle, and I fight it every day! The fight continues, but I know where my strength comes from.....

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I don't want your sympathy; instead, this post is meant to encourage you....since the crash, I've had more than 14 surgeries...I know that God used bodybuilding to save me, keep me out of a wheelchair, and teach me how to have power over the flesh.

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I believe that God has a plan but my problem is that I want that plan fulfilled right now. Being a successful author is right around the corner; I can feel it. In the meantime I push on and do my part. But honestly it is hard to wait....I need to remember that I am right where God wants me right now......

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Push it as far as you can, and then push it some more.... When Arnold was talking about training shoulders, he said that the key was to go until he thought he couldn't do other words, he would go to muscle failure, and that's when he would make himself do another one........

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 The best RX is not found on a prescription pad or bottle. It is found at the gym amid my iron brothers and sisters as we all strive to better ourselves. Without hurting anyone else, we beat into submission the demons that haunt our lives and seek to consume us. Aggression and depression are both tempered by pumping iron without any adverse side effects. Negativity becomes positivity with every rep and set completed. I know that if I can survive the iron jungle, I can survive the concrete jungle.

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A sense of humor goes a long way in life. Don't take life so seriously that you are miserable. Happy people are a joy to be around; negative people are a drag. When I grew out my goatee, I heard people say, "Hey, look. I think it's Heisenberg, but he's too jacked to be Heisenberg." Yes, they are referring to the dude from Breaking Bad. So I made a joke of it and told them that I quit making meth, and now I make and sell protein shakes. We all enjoyed a laugh and took a selfie together. Funny stuff makes life more enjoyable. So relax, smile, and have a good laugh......

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Enjoy the NEW YEAR because I know that it will be the year of Jubilee, a time of renewal, rich rewards, and blessings. I am looking forward to the incredible things God will pour into my cup this year, aren't you? I want to see my cup overflow to bless others beyond measure. HOWEVER, this doesn't mean I sit still and wait for God to fill my cup. No, sir, I jump up and race over to the fountain because I want to be ready when God turns on the faucet. Do you follow my point? If you do get after it, be prepared for the blessings that will come. Otherwise, the blessings will start to flow, and your cup will still be in the dishwasher! 

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Did you know that your mind creates a blueprint for you to follow? In other words, how you see yourself is how you will be. It's time to change the way we think and create a new image in our minds. Our bodies will listen and obey the blueprints our minds create. Let's go!

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How do you see yourself? How you see yourself will determine how others see you. If you see yourself in a negative light, others will see this. What you feel on the inside can be seen on the outside through your eyes, your attitude, and your confidence. If you feel good about yourself, your eyes will dance, and you will walk with your head up. 

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Do you make New Year's resolutions? Not. Why? The answer is simple: every day is new, and being the 1st day in January doesn't give it extraordinary powers. Instead, every day of the year is a special day to change your life positively. In fact, I always have a list of positive aspirations and changes that I desire to make. I strive to improve myself daily, and I want these changes to influence those around me positively and for those changes to last a lifetime. 

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