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Woodworking Projects

Mobile Lap Art Desk

art desk

I designed and built this mobile art desk for my daughter's birthday. It is portable and durable, and it functions as an easel. The top portion is removed and unfolded to hold canvases and art paper. All her art, drawing, and paint supplies are stored in the divided sections of the art desk base. 

T.A. Richards II Office

diy woodworking shelves

I designed and built this office from scratch; it is the best computer and gaming office ever! This is where the creations of TAR2 Studios and the author, T.A. Richards, are completed. My wife calls it a man cave. Maybe it's both.

Potter's Bench w/ Storage

diy garden potter's bench

I designed and created this extra-long bench to hold plants and the equipment needed to maintain them. It is sturdy and robust yet elegant enough to be placed in or on a covered porch. The top of the bench is the lid for the storage area. It is a long how-to-do-it-yourself video, so feel free to skip ahead to the parts you need to watch.

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