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The adventure continues and we find the recently retired Special Forces soldier, Major Phillip Raynes at the university teaching classes and conducting archeological excavations. He is adored by his students and admired by his colleagues. His discoveries have made him famous and have unfortunately placed him in the spotlight. The government and a secret and very dangerous organization watch him carefully as he uncovers the exact location of the ancient Tower of Babel. Its discovery could unlock the mystery of inter-dimensional travel and provide a way to realistically bend space and time. Now the hunt begins and Phillip and his friends find themselves in the middle of the quest for this powerful device. Who will be the first to find it and more importantly what will they use it for? In the midst of this hunt Phillip continues to suffer from the beast-like symptoms caused by the WB1N5 virus. Will he become part of the Fenris pack that hunts him and his team? Or will he become something else entirely?

Book 2: Providence - A Fool's Babel

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