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Divisiveness is one of the Dark One’s best tools. He uses it with precision and determination. Racism boils over in this cauldron, and war breaks out. The Elves and the Dwarves spend years hating and killing each other, while Troblins destroy everyone in their path. As a result the Humans retreat into their own problematic kingdom. Enter the Van Wulf family. For centuries this dynasty has led the kingdom of the Humans in peace and service to the Creator. For reasons unknown to the Human race, their King was murdered by a demon of Gehenna. This left his two sons not only without a father but with the responsibility of running a kingdom. Now the real plans of the Dark One start to unfold. Brother is pitted against brother, and a rift shatters a family. Treachery abounds, and the minions of Merodach, the Dark One, move in to complete the final steps of his devilish plan. So what happens when a world that was once created by a loving benefactor is under attack by the Lord of Darkness? The answer lies within the creation itself. Sides must be chosen and the lines of battle are drawn. The characters on either side of the battle are the key elements. Some are losers, always trying to attach onto what other people have achieved. Some have no backbone, and some are courageous even unto death. Some live to serve others, and others kill just to serve themselves. In the end people change; die before they can, or die trying. In times past the benevolent Creator heard the cries of the faithful and sent a powerful protector to deliver them from the advancing Darkness. But time seems to be running out and a war between the races threatens to destroy the very fabric of all existence. Thus, it is up to a dethroned king and his motley crew of unlikely heroes to unite the kingdoms and stand against the demonic horde of the Dark One. To accomplish this they must enlist the aid of the Anointed One but first they must find him.

The Guardian and the King

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