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Centuries after the War of the Races the Guardian is ready to permanently leave the Qumran Monastery. Before he can retire he must find a replacement and this is no easy task. Who is worthy to wear the mantle of Protector? Legends and myths speak of one who might be qualified, a former member of the Corsair. Although a little rough around the edges this hero has spent generations defending the weak, protecting the innocent and punishing the wicked. There is only one problem with this plan. He disappeared decades ago. Thus the Guardian sends out a motley band of misfits to search for the missing Corsair. Their journey is waylaid and they soon find themselves in a mysterious land in the midst of a war that has ravaged its countryside for generations. It becomes obvious to the group that a darker plan is unfolding when they discover the intentional misuse of Magic and the poisonous bite of the wolf-man called the Vomica. Their mission becomes even more dangerous and confusing when their leader is kidnapped by a traitor who only wants to profit from a war that will engulf the whole world.

The Guardian and the Quest

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