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The War of the Races has begun and the Gnomon have invaded the Kingdom of Bozrah. Their overwhelming forces threaten to destroy the very fabric of life on their sacred planet. The motley band of unwanted heroes has been smashed and separated and no one has seen or heard from the Protector since their voyage began. So what do they do? Who will stand against the army of the Gnomon and the vileness of the Vomica? No one can; there are too many too count and fighting such a large army would be suicide. This is what the people of Bugloss learned the hard way. Is it the end of all things? Will this war destroy all life and leave the Gnomon to cannibalize the races? Where is the Protector? If Eleazar is supposed to replace Patronus, where is he and why can’t the group find him? Is he the key to defeating this evil which threatens to destroy the world? These questions and many more find their conclusion in this third installment of the Chronicles of the Protector. Come join our heroes as they sacrifice everything to end this war against an evil, which is as ancient as time itself.

The Guardian and the War

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